For overseas customers

Service Detail

We sell only digital illustration data. So we deliver it via email.

Since it's digital data, you can order your favorite printing company, or you can print it yourself.

Our iIlustration data is mainly in B3 size, but other sizes are available if you request.

Painting Style

You can choose between 2 painting styles.

Left is "Digital painting". Right is "Oil painting"

PaintPet - illustration painting style

How much

  • 1 pet in 1 digital illustration for $34.
  • 2 pets in 1 digital illustration for $47.
  • 3 pets in 1 digital illustration for $60.

You can pay by PAYPAL.

How to order

  1. Please pay our PAYPAL account (@nevaajp).
  2. Please email your answers to the following questions. Our email address is ""
    1. Which painting style do you like?
    2. What's your pet's name?
    3. Please check the guidelines and attach 3 photos
      1. PaintPet - Photo guideline
    4. Which background color do you like?
      1. PaintPet - Background Color
    5. Other requests (For example, "Please draw the collar". If there is no request, we will illustrate your picture as it is.)
    6. What is your email address?
  3. We will begin illustrating your pet.
  4. We will email you the illustration data in about 3 days.


Please check this page.

or Our Instagram account(@paintpetjp)